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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Got Milk

Three weeks is a good age to introduce some goats milk to the pups.  Some litters are not into the supplemental feedings initially, these guys....I will let the pictures tell the story.
What is the saying?   'In for a pound, in for a penny' :-)
Clean up needed in aisle one!


  1. Has anyone spoken for that guy??????

  2. Yep, looks like they are all spoken for. One is even going to Manitoba, will have to see if he wants to join the brat pack for a play-date date in the future :-)
    PS will email you later this week about your grooming questions.

  3. Glad that the little guys all have homes. We were very tempted but now we can move forward and focus on Quito....who is 11 months old today! I know that you are busy but I appreciate that you will help me solve the grooming issue. I have been working more on her and it seems to be getting better. Thanks in advance.